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Small penis humilation

I'm your new sexy russian princess and i love to humilate you little slave! You have to show me your small penis and i will show you how big a penis have to be! You will never fuck a sexy princess like me! With your little cock you will never get a really hot woman! I will only laugh about your dick and humilate you all the time! In my live there is only place for a big and hard penis and not a penis like yours! Your little cock looks like a baby cock! I Won't feel anything in my sexy wet pussy and so you will never fuck me! You get only humilated by me - Your sexy russian princess Melena!

Lick my wet pussy

I am princess Melena and today i'll show you my sexy body! First i doff my sexy black pullover and you can see my sexy pink bra.Then i turn around and open my bra. You will see my sexy naked back and i love to feel my sexy tits! You will be horny when you see my sexy tits, won't you? You await eagerly that i doff my sexy leggings! Look at my sexy hot ass in my pink thong you little loser! I am so horny and i will come so i pull my sexy thong away and you have to lick my pussy! I only allow you loser to lick because i hate little cocks! Yeah lick my pussy and i will enjoy it! Lick deep inside me and lick faster until i come! I moan ecstatically until i get an awesome orgasm! Look at my wet pussy!

I ride your face till i come

I am sitting on my bed and i wear my sexy pink jeans and my favourite pink bra! Today you have to lick my jeanspussy because you have a little dick! You will never fuck me but you have to do what i say! I am your mistress so lick and lick! I will enjoy riding your face! Your nose will be deep in my jeansass! Don't stop licking my sexy pink jeansass! I turn around and sit down on your face! I order you to lick faster and harder during i look in your face little jeanspussylicker! But when i had a great orgasm you have to go away! Get out of my sight little slave!

Financial Domination

Hello Paypig! You haven't payed me money for a long time! If you want more you have to pay money! Give me everything you have! I look in your portemonnaie and what will i see? Only little bank notes! I chuck one's your money! This is not enough money! I want more..I am your moneymistress you little loser! So i will take your credit card and your other cards of course too! I am very expensive and so i make you horny and show you my sexy jeansass! You want more? You know what to do! Bring me more money! So go and bring me money and i will reward you little moneyslave!


I know you like my sexy black boots and today it's time for you to clean my boots! You have to lick my boots because they are very dirty. Suck and clean my boots. I laugh about you because you are such a loser! You have to lick both of my shoes! My soles were very dirty. If you will stop licking i will be a little bit louder and i get angry so don't stop! You will do everything for me because i am the boss! And when you have finished you have to go! Bye bye little loser!
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